Simplecast is a modern independent podcast hosting and analytics platform. The service provides podcasters with industry-leading publishing, distribution, analytics, and sharing tools. 

While head of design, I executed a complete rebrand and redesign of the platform. I oversaw a small design team and was responsible for all creative aspects of the brand and product in addition to collaborating closely with the product and engineering teams. 

The product includes a full podcast management web app, custom site templates, detailed analytics, three responsive embeddable players, and more. 

The brand and design system blends a bold visual aesthetic with a fun and conversational voice, composed of bold typography and a visual art direction based on montaged arrangements. The vintage stock imagery and collages capture podcasting’s often quirky, irreverant tone and variety of subject matter. 

Redesign launched February 2019.
Head of Design

Creative Director, Product Designer

Ari Villegas, Frank Chimero (contractor)